The Cassidy Boys

The Cassidy Boys

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Popular, good-looking, arrogant, but not entirely a player with a killer smile. 
That's Xavier Cassidy. 

Equally popular and good-looking, but also funny, smart, and boyishly charming. 
That's Ryan Cassidy. 

One's apparently a 'badboy' 
One's the known football star. 
One's older. 
Which means one's obviously younger. 
Everyone knows who they are but... I guess that's just the definition of popular. 
Now for the past three years I've just been an observer to there so called 'awesome' lives, but then somehow I end up smashing into the one and only Xavier's locker and that's when I find myself wrapped up in the chaos. 

With a few slips, trips, awkward encounters, a secret admirer, and one party later I may find myself falling, well, for one of them at least.

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briwoos21 briwoos21 Jan 01
TRUEEE,and awkward accidental butt touches in the hall cuz there is so many people trying to rush to class, cuz if your in the hall when the bell rings you get after school detention, so.......ACCIDENTAL BUTT TOUCHES ARE THE WORST
cass_gour cass_gour Feb 04
or when you're standing in line at walmart or wherever and you zone out and stare at one spot and then all of a sudden somebody is staring right at you and you're like "oh cRaP"
anjerzz anjerzz Nov 30, 2016
Me too but i actually like wearing mine but I guess that's just me *shrug*
Lo-Lo-Maple Lo-Lo-Maple Jan 10
Is it only me who thinks theres this monster in her locker holding it shut... okay, maybe I should just stop
comparings comparings Nov 06, 2016
well we dont have taco tuesday at my school we have "put this brown mushy inedible stuff on a stale small taco and hope it doesnt break"
Ryan is someone I would befriend and eat popcorn with, Xavier though...definitely my type