The Cassidy Boys

The Cassidy Boys

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Popular, good-looking, arrogant, but not entirely a player with a killer smile. 
That's Xavier Cassidy. 

Equally popular and good-looking, but also funny, smart, and boyishly charming. 
That's Ryan Cassidy. 

One's apparently a 'badboy' 
One's the known football star. 
One's older. 
Which means one's obviously younger. 
Everyone knows who they are but... I guess that's just the definition of popular. 
Now for the past three years I've just been an observer to there so called 'awesome' lives, but then somehow I end up smashing into the one and only Xavier's locker and that's when I find myself wrapped up in the chaos. 

With a few slips, trips, awkward encounters, a secret admirer, and one party later I may find myself falling, well, for one of them at least.

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eddy247 eddy247 4 days ago
Nobody's perfect! Well... except nobody since nobody's perfect.
rsan18 rsan18 Sep 16
Haha I do this all the time. If I'm in a huge public place (mall, park, amusement park, etc) I like to have one sided staring contests with whoever I make eye contact with. I'll stare at that person until they look away and my best friend hates when I do that 👀😂
max0808 max0808 Aug 28
I always attempt to close the door with my foot.. But it always winds up with me falling or about to fall
heyitstat heyitstat Oct 04
Awkward eye contact is the story of my fvcking life, dear crush, stop that shït.
I feel like this book is gonna remind me of the vampire diaries
I have dark brown eyes but people say they kinda flash bright green bc my mom has gorgeous green eyes