Don't hurt me, I'm a virgin.

Don't hurt me, I'm a virgin.

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"Let's finish off where we've started shall we?" He says huskily. 

His voice seems to be calling my libido but before I could respond, Jeremy has taken me in his arms as he gives me one final dark look, his lips descends upon mines.


All her life, Leyla has lived in constant struggle until desperate measures forces her to sell her one and only true gift she could ever give to a man. Her Virginity. However it seems luck is on her side when she meets, a young, sexy and incredibly rich bachelor who seems intent on helping her out. But pride can also play a huge part on one's choices no matter how desperate she is in need of help.

Throw in some weird, heartfelt, jealous, possessive and  just downright arrogant characters and Leyla finds her life in turmoil of crazy. How did her life get so interesting? She is but lonely girl trying to find a place in this big old world.

Contains, swearing, moderate sex scenes. You have been warned.

Copyright © 2013 by A. L. Nkobi. All rights Reserved. (No part of this literary work may be reproduced or used without written consent from the author.)

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kathyy15 kathyy15 Aug 16
I love how everyone is here like 'Issues' and I'm here like 'Don't Judge Me' by Chris Brown ayyeeee
rlpaige2004 rlpaige2004 5 days ago
If you need money go get a real job... Go work at McDonald's. It isn't the best job but it's better than being a stripper...
Please don't judge me and I won't judge you cause things can get ugly before they get beautiful 
                               Chris brown
I hate it when girls think like this. They think of selling their bodies for money .yes u need money desperately but a girl respect is most important. U could work the lowest job, u could be a maid, it's such a big world or anything but not prostitution
Is he angry at the fact that they might f u c k her in their paces or ???
How much I don't like that woman she's right!!! They know that life well and it isn't good at all