You're my Addiction (Mature)

You're my Addiction (Mature)

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Brittany Anne By Lovelycampos Completed

He cracks open a half-smile, grabs me by my hips and pulls me closer to him; almost instantly I melt in his strong arms as if I were perfect for his body, "I know you feel the sparks too sweetheart, so when you're done playing house with that boyfriend of yours, head over to my place and let me treat you the way you should be treated."   

Scarlet was hooked on this bad boy Marine Ryan, but what's going to happen with the baggage he brings?  Especially when he unravels her every needs.


jbrookes jbrookes Nov 28
I don't know y I find it so funny that your all blaming her and she already told him she has a boyfriend. 😂 technically they're both at fault
M26addie M26addie Oct 10
WTF😂😂😂 it's going to fast, but this story is hilarious😂😂 idkw though....I'm dying of laughter
aniah_454 aniah_454 Oct 10
Girl u just met him today!!! This book is going to fast 💨 sorry I'm out 😭
M26addie M26addie Oct 10
This for some reason reminds me of the song called "XO" by Eden
Irmavald83 Irmavald83 Nov 27
Chill chill that would've been a smash and dip for me like bye nice knowing you
If only y'all know what happen in the end..... You gon hate kyle