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You're my Addiction (Mature)

You're my Addiction (Mature)

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Brittany Anne By Lovelycampos Completed

He cracks open a half-smile, grabs me by my hips and pulls me closer to him; almost instantly I melt in his strong arms as if I were perfect for his body, "I know you feel the sparks too sweetheart, so when you're done playing house with that boyfriend of yours, head over to my place and let me treat you the way you should be treated."   

Scarlet was hooked on this bad boy Marine Ryan, but what's going to happen with the baggage he brings?  Especially when he unravels her every needs.


oxym0ron_ oxym0ron_ Jan 07
omg I'm all up for hot guys and all but is this bitch really just gonna sit there KNOWING she's cheating on her bf with some stranger?
Cheating doesn't mean you don't love them just like breaking up doesn't mean you don't still love/care for that person. I'm not saying it's okay I'm just saying that everything isn't always one thing or another. Life is complicated
Tbh, id cheat on Kyle too...nigga too much of a square #NoSquareZone
lol I love it how everyone reads this paragraph and immediately assumes "Cheater!"
oxym0ron_ oxym0ron_ Jan 07
wait 1) where is the foreplay 2) when the hell did he whip out his dick/ take off his clothes?
ADerivative ADerivative Feb 02
It's so bad that wattpad is making us okay with a stranger taking advantage of another... as long as he's handsome 😂