An Arranged Marriage, Escape To Freedom

An Arranged Marriage, Escape To Freedom

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louise (sky) By PestlienceFamine Completed

My name is Moon Diamond, I'm seventeen. 

My parent's have beat me every day since I can remember. Then one day they arrange a marriage so they can be rid of me once and for all.

But will this come back and hit them where it hurt's.  WAIT AND SEE.

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JesusLordHimself JesusLordHimself Jul 23, 2017
I wish I had that name 
                              But my parents are Mexican and they gave me a uncommen name that even some Spanish speaking people can't say right
ChristyMiller649 ChristyMiller649 Feb 09, 2016
A fee grammar errors but great so far, can't wait to see what happens
Miyuyuki Miyuyuki Sep 30, 2015
A few language mistakes, but nothing editing later can't fix :) Good story so far.
Ladyray1994 Ladyray1994 Sep 15, 2015
I love the book and I hope she falls in love with him and her parents should roth in hell
snowwygirl snowwygirl Jan 02, 2015
I really hope she finds better love than the idiots her parents are. If they hated her so much, they shouldn't of had her. What a pain
saraj14 saraj14 May 01, 2014
I hope she find love n happiness her parents could never give