The Alphas Small Runt

The Alphas Small Runt

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Hi everyone my name is Sherise Moon I'm a 17 year old werewolf an I'm also the packs runt.

I have be bullied an beating all my life my mom an dad don't do anything about it it's like you have to be able to serve the world but when no one loves you it makes it hard for you to do your every day job an you also have to work around a pack of 500 wolfs you are mean you you an hit you for something that you didn't even do.

My birthday is in the next few months I'll be 18 an I'll find my mate an maybe he will take me away from this place before they end up killing me but the way I'm feeling an looking my mate may not won't me.

But what will happen when Sherise finds out that the Alpha is her mate what will he do????

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- - Nov 16, 2016
This story looks interesting. Maybe a little editing on the quotations, but I look forward to reading it.
fluffbuny12 fluffbuny12 Jan 12
I'm sorry please don't take that s as hate, I like your story but I just wanna give you a tip that you only use quotation marks when someone is talking. Again this is not hate I am only trying to help you. You don't even have to listen to my comment if you don't want to.
DestinyRipka DestinyRipka Sep 24, 2016
the quote marks at the beginning  of each paragraph is annoying, sorry
JoeyGraceffaLove JoeyGraceffaLove Nov 07, 2016
I am not trying to be mean but please can you edit your story.
I read, like, the first paragraph and I have decided. You NEED to edit your story.