My name is Moon Diamond. Yeah I know stupid name. My parent's are these nature lover's. I have an older brother called Marley.

Why they couldn't give me a normal name. I don't know, Anyway I'm on my way home. I'm already late, My Father is gonna kill me.

I'm suppose to cook tea tonight. I don't know why, he alway says I do it wrong. My Mother is no better. She hate's me, I better get in .

I walk in and see, a strange man in my house. He is good looking, but why is he here.  " Ah Moon darling come in ". He grab's my arm.

Ah he is hurting me. " Moon this is my friend Payton ". I look at this really tall dark stranger. My Father whisper's in my ear. " Mess this up and I will kill you. Understand me ".

I hold my hand out to Payton. " Nice to meet you sir ". I look to the floor. I have alway been told never to look at a men.

" Hello Moon ". I hear my Father cough. I don't raise my head out of fear. " Well I will leave for a moment I will be back soon ".

With that he leave. I wait till Payton sit's down, I then do the same. " So Moon, do you know why, I am here ". I shake my head.

" I have come here to talk with you and to get know you ". Why would he want to, I'm nothing special. " Moon are you okay ". I nod. " Yes thank you sir ".

" Would you look at me please ". I raise my head and, I look at the floor. I can't fear just wont let me. Then I feel a cold smooth hand on my cheek.

He lift's my face and look's in to my sea green eye's. " Your beautiful ". I move away from him. " Moon how old are you ".

" I'm seventeen sir ". He sigh's. " I have a name ". I nod. " Sorry si. Payton ". He sigh's again. " Curtis, Yes we will do this ".

My Father come's in. " Great when ". My Father look's happy. " I will have the paper's here in the morning ".

" Moon you will becoming to live with me in the morning ". I nod. " You will be my wife in one year ". My mind is scream NO and YES at the same time .

No because, I don't want to get married. Yes because I will be free of my Mother and Father's beating's.

My Father tell's me to see Payton out. I do, he tell's me to be ready in the morning to go with him. I walk back in.

Dad hit's me across the face. " Tomorrow you will be Payton's problem not mind, Now go pack ". I nod and leave the room .

I go to my bedroom and pack all my stuff. Which isn't alot. A teddy my Nana gave me. A few book's and some clothes. I get in to bed and try and sleep.

At least I will be free. I hope.

Let me know what you think of this story please XD

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