One more night [jjk]

One more night [jjk]

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I guess By awkwords Completed

Can't you just stay with me? Lay in my arms as if they haven't once let you go. Listen to my words and pretend like you haven't heard my lies before.

 Please. Just. 

Stay with me for one more night and forget what I didn't do for you and see what I can. I don't deserve you, but I know after this night. I can live life knowing you've thought of me the same way I did of you for at least one night.

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Hey a girl can dream!
                              What I wouldn't do to even get a glance of them!!!!
i can't imagine the sweatshirt lmao hAHAHA "you can wear my sweatshirt..." d fck jacob
percentaege percentaege Jun 13, 2016
I'm sorry but I just died of laughter when she said she's a potato who knows how to study because THAT IS MY SISTER and she's a medical student xD
JiJiKim_mie JiJiKim_mie Feb 06
Am i the only one who cringes when a girl is older then a boy when they get in a relationship lmfao