The Harvest Wars - Awakening

The Harvest Wars - Awakening

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The Harvest Wars chronicles the exploits of the infamous Skulltakers - monster hunting mercenaries - and the Thirteen, undead heroes-turned-villains, who seek to eradicate all life.


“What would you sacrifice to save the ones you love?” 

This is the question that Bran, sole survivor of the Thirteen—the empire’s most famous band of heroes—and Brass, a gladiator sentenced to death, have to answer in the wake of a terror that almost destroyed their world over 10,000 years ago. 

Follow at the heels of evil in this dark fantasy epic. 

About the world: The Harvest Wars is set on Ruuin, a dystopian world of dark medieval fantasy, in which the walking dead are regarded as merely a natural catastrophe…

  • adventure
  • battle
  • blood
  • combat
  • corruption
  • dark
  • dark-fantasy
  • death
  • dystopian
  • evil
  • fantasy
  • fighting
  • horror
  • post-apocalyptic
  • sword-and-sorcery
  • undead
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  • violence
  • war
  • zombie
AccursedRevenant AccursedRevenant Apr 04, 2017
Ah, the feeling of my grades dropping further... Feels pretty good.
JDavies11 JDavies11 Feb 14, 2016
Very intriguing prologue! The crow's eye perspective and the mechanics of the imprisonment spell were both very well executed! It certainly sets the tone for an epic fantasy. I look forward to reading further!
lord_shibbonta lord_shibbonta Oct 13, 2016
I could tell by the living axe. Yes, Gemmell was an inspiration to me as well. I loved his use of older characters as the heroes.
opalHawk32 opalHawk32 Apr 07, 2016
Well... this was certainly depressing and enlightening at the same time
philosopher05 philosopher05 Apr 26, 2016
great… now I got one more story that I have to add to my reading list...
JillanePurrazzi JillanePurrazzi Mar 01, 2016
I am sometimes concerned about how much I enjoy the dark stuff. I loved your description of the battle. Poetic, but not so much that it wasn't concrete. It reminded me a lot of the last battle in my recent Fantasy novel: very violent and dark.