Deathsworn (Wattys 2018 Winner)

Deathsworn (Wattys 2018 Winner)

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** WATTYS 2018 WINNER **
Not one person in the history of the world ever said being Deathsworn was an easy thing. Fun, sometimes, and completely your fault, but never easy. You have one rule that you obey, unless, of course, you want to die. Your life is your list, your list is your life. 

For the Gallowmen, their journey as Deathsworn has seen them travel the broken realm of Oblivia. From Green Country to the Island Kingdoms, from Sand Country to the Mountain Lands. Death follows where they go, the list gets shorter and the dream of life becomes half-real. 

It would be fine if things were that simple. But curious things are happening in the west and the Burned Priests are charged with confronting the Empire's greatest threats. Where they point, the Deathsworn must go. They'll do their job, ask no questions, and get their freedom. Or they'll die trying. 

*Deathsworn is a spin-off story from a much larger trilogy I'm currently writing for publication. Comments/reviews/feedback would be greatly appreciated wherever possible. Volume I of IV is COMPLETE ... Enjoy.

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WinterSleep85 WinterSleep85 May 15, 2018
That's a really good idea! It makes me more intrigued to know that there will be more to your world than just this one story.
RosaleeRain RosaleeRain Jan 23, 2018
You write very eloquently, I'm excited to see where this goes.
xDRAG0N0VAx xDRAG0N0VAx May 17, 2018
Two Steps from Hell - I know your story will be awesome just because of the song choice!
user53885093 user53885093 Feb 02, 2018
Loved this from start to finish. The characters and story come together brilliantly, really felt attached throughout. Can’t wait for the rest!
IntoTheTempest IntoTheTempest Apr 23, 2018
I see you also have excellent taste in music 👌Victory is one of my favourites.
NovelistAnne NovelistAnne May 01, 2018
Lovely foreword!! You have a great way  with words and am excited to read this!