Flames Like Vines

Flames Like Vines

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This is a companion story to ICE LIKE FIRE, the sequel to SNOW LIKE ASHES. I say "companion" as it parallels the beginning events of ICE LIKE FIRE -- and as such, you will find a few minor spoilers for ICE LIKE FIRE. 

If you are the sort of reader who screeches in horror at the thought of a spoiler of any kind, LOOK AWAY NOW. 

But if you are the sort of reader who flips through the pages of a book, perusing lines here and there before you've quite finished it yet...well, read on, dear rebel reader. Read on.



"She was part of Summer, and Summer was part of her, and this land wouldn't abandon her too."

Ceridwen Preben, princess of Summer, has spent her life plotting against her brother, Simon, the Summerian king. Simon has embraced the ruling family's reputation for using their conduit to keep their subjects in a state of bliss, and has spent his reign slowly driving Summer into ruin, filling everyone with carelessness and letting them turn a blind eye to Summer's rampant -- and deadly -- slave trade. But Ceridwen refuses to let her kingdom disintegrate, and with the help of her fellow rebel-in-arms, Lekan, she hopes to undo Simon's lethal dealings.

But when Ceridwen uncovers Simon's deadliest plot yet, she starts to realize just how deep magic runs -- and that even though her kingdom is one of sunlight, with light, there always comes shadows. 


The first part of this story will appear on Tuesday, September 8. Parts will continue to be uploaded every Tues/Thurs through October 8.

Look for ICE LIKE FIRE, out October 13 from Balzer + Bray/HarperCollins!

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ItsLadyLoki ItsLadyLoki Mar 21, 2017
But Cerie, he was weak. He may not be heartless but he is weak! 😭😭
gnavaneehs gnavaneehs Apr 19, 2016
How exactly do you pronounce her name? I think of it as Siri-dwen.
ItsLadyLoki ItsLadyLoki Jan 25, 2017
Should I read it before Ice Like Fire or after?.. but since it mentioned "beginning events" I think I'll read it before Ice Like Fire tho I need some advise.. I just finished Snow Like Ashes and I'm itching to continue to the second book.. I just love Theron! hohoho
fleeingpeanuts fleeingpeanuts Nov 03, 2015
Amazing, a few minutes ago I finished Ice Like Fire, and I simply love Ceridwen : )
                              And Meira of course : )
AyanFernandez AyanFernandez Sep 10, 2015
Hell no. October is coming! I mean, er, Autumn. 
                              So sad that we get books here in the Philippines some weeks after the book's release.
_Purple_rain _Purple_rain Sep 10, 2015
Wow you are a really good writer. Thanks for the update! Are you ok with me (attempting) to make like a fan made book cover? Have an nice day!