The Man in the Wilderness

The Man in the Wilderness

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Have you ever had that moment, when you thought life was normal? You and your family were happy but in the next moment. It turns into Hell! 

That's how my day went when my family died in front of me. We were on our ship and I had played a prank on one of the crew members. My father disciplined me, and I was stuck in my room. The next moment, our ship was stuck in the middle of a sea storm. The ship was heading straight into a sea of rocks, and the mast was on fire. My father, yelled, "Get off the ship! Clara, Run!" That's what I did.
But now I am stuck on this land, mystery coursing through it. 

I was stuck, and I had no one to help me. I was now on my own. An 18-year-old girl, named Clara. Was now stuck. Until I found him, and I don't how but I did. He saved me from these creatures. And now we are stuck on this island together. We both have to some how to survive all of these things on this island. 

He is the Man in the Wilderness!

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sharibabyy sharibabyy Aug 23, 2017
You're 17 years old. You listen to yo goddamn parents/guardians TF?
Your 17 and are still pranking people? You deserve to be grounded since you wanna act like a child they are treating you as one.
Kasey613 Kasey613 Jan 04
Every time my Dad called me and my sister's by our full names we were in trouble lol
Demonical_Flow Demonical_Flow Jul 13, 2017
Okay this is really bothering me. Instead of "setting down the twigs" do "I set down the twigs" I mean it sounds fine but you say stuff like that way too often
kenziekat14 kenziekat14 Aug 16, 2016
Lol I'm too squeamish. Spearing the squirrel 😷 i would have to be real desperate.
TheGenuinePearl TheGenuinePearl Oct 29, 2016
Honey, she should pull out its fur, then skin it before eating it, no one could eat hair