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Trouble93 By meaganb93 Updated Aug 09

I sense a presence with me in the glade and ready myself to run 'Whoever's there show yourself'. He steps from the shadows like a ghost, barely making  a sound. 'Fear not, I mean you no harm. My name is sebastian' 

The moment I look into his eyes I'm done for, the instantaneous spark is there pulling me to him, something I would never be able to deny. I know in this moment exactly what he is, and what he is to me. A shapeshifter and my mate. 

Aroha is an 18yr old human girl living on her own after her parents death. One night she meets sebastian while out in the woods on her family's land who just so happens to be her mate. Unable to stay away from one another they meet in the woods at night to be together. A month passes and Sebastian rejects Aroha, for he will not allow himself to take a human as his mate. But what will happen when he finds out that Aroha isn't what she seems, and that's he's left something behind.

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