Supernatural x Reader Oneshot (ON HOLD)

Supernatural x Reader Oneshot (ON HOLD)

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Nikayla Waters By crystalwaters819 Updated Feb 14

For the Supernatural fans enjoy this book and I hope you like the one-shot songfic inspired stories.

Characters that are included:
- Dean Winchester
- Sam Winchester
- Kevin Tran
- Chuck Shurley
- Gabriel
- Balthazar
- Lucifer
- Michael
- Castiel
- Samandriel
- Gadreel
- Benny
- Crowley


The picture used for the book cover and that is within the story goes to its original owners. Also the characters belong to its original owners.

  • balthazar
  • benny
  • castiel
  • chuck
  • crowley
  • dean
  • gabriel
  • gadreel
  • kevin
  • lucifer
  • michael
  • oneshot
  • sam
  • samandriel
  • supernatural
  • xreader
YoloCat1 YoloCat1 Apr 05, 2017
*does best Moriarty impression to the best of my ability * Did you miss me?
It is a word,, but the way you should’ve put it in that sentence is, “he asked worriedly.” 
                              Sorry for the grammar thing XD
The moose has given his very moosey blessing. On with the Wedding!
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This really reminds me of my sweet tooth angel gabe!!❤❤❤😙😙😙💏
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I'm pretty sure it is a word... I think... Maybe... I guess... I mean sure
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Boy 😏 You know I did
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