Call of Duty Ghosts Preferences

Call of Duty Ghosts Preferences

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Stephanie Mineer By Purdygirl1420 Updated Mar 01

Y/n -your name
Y/e/c -your eye color
Y/h/c -your hair color 

Logan- you had gotten a job at a local bar in the outskirts of San Diego. You we're serving a few middle aged men when five soldiers walked in and seated themselves in a semicircular booth. You were walking over when one of the middle aged men grabbed you're upper arm. "Hey sweet cheeks how bout you and I go somewhere private."he said. "No thank,now if you would kindly let me go."you say trying to pull away. "Now don't be that way."he replied. "She said to let her go."a slightly rugged voice said. You turned and seen one of the soldiers had come to your aid. You were mesmerized by his blonde hair,and hazel eyes. He had glared at the man until he let you go. After serving them their drinks you learned his name was Logan.

David-You were working as a volunteer at the animal clinic your mother worked at. A tall man ran in carrying a German Shepard. "Someone please help."he said. You ran over and took his dog back to a room and ...

Yeeaahh! Japan!!!!!!!!!!! (Im bringing Hesh (aka David) with me)