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***The whole story has been taken down and is being re uploaded as the new story.***

***Cover art by emiegirl123***
  Sarah Bratcher is having her entire life uprooted and she is forced to move to a big town in California where she knows no one. She has no idea what to expect when she arrives to the beautiful state that she's loathed for the better part of six months. What she doesn't expect is to be thrown into a world that she never knew existed and she becomes the most prized possession of the most feared Alpha in California.
  Lance Stevenson has been an egotistical Alpha werewolf for as long as anyone can remember and he refuses to bow to anyone that crosses his path. His life is perfect and he never wanted it to change but then the most beautiful girl in his world appears in the midst of the biggest day of his life.
  The day that he becomes Alpha.
  But there's simply one problem, a problem that Lance is unable to overcome, Sarah is human.
  Lance hates humans and because of his dark past, he hides behind his hatred and refuses to accept her as his mate. Instead, he makes it clear that his mate is Jane Montgomery, and that Sarah is to have nothing to do with him.
  But will he able to resist the mate pull?
  Will Sarah be able to accept a world that she never thought would ever exist outside books?
  Only time will tell...

***This is NOT a rejection story.

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soysoscat soysoscat May 15, 2016
                              YOU FOUND ME
                              YOU FOUND ME
                              LYING ON THE FLOOR 
                              SURROUNDED SURROUNDED 
                              WHYD YOU HAVE TO WIAT
                              WHERE WERE YOU? WHERE WERE YOU? 
                              JUST A LITTLE LATE
                              YOU FOUND ME
                              YOU FOUND ME
InesEM95 InesEM95 Mar 16, 2016
I'm glad i never had to use the bus. I had to use the train 😀
TrueAnonymus TrueAnonymus Apr 13, 2016
Am i the only one who think this is a werewolf school and she is the only human? Maybe that is why all stare at her
NourBibo NourBibo Apr 14, 2016
I feel you girl we basically we have to move every 3-5 years because of my father's work
- - Mar 23, 2016
You might want to change some of the large paragraphs into smaller paragraphs, like in paragraph one:
                              "I wasn't ready to get up and face what lay ahead of me.
                                      My parents took me away from everything I'd ever known."
                              Also, I must say, your taste in music is AWESOME!
shafiquakhan2000 shafiquakhan2000 Dec 05, 2016
I love the prologue. ..something more interesting in other chapters