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This is the same arranged marriage story. I wast sure  the exact name, so I put that.

**Cover art by emiegirl123**


(Originally known:Arranged marriage to the alpha werewolf? WHAT?)
Marriage. It was the one word in Claire Morgans world that stayed sacred, the one thing that she never thought could go wrong in her life, until one day ruins it all. Claire's life is about to take an unexpected turn and nothing in this story will be what it seems. Claire is about to find out that not only can she open her eyes to the possibility of the existence of werewolves, but she can open her heart to the possibility of love....

Claire Morgan thought she would live a natural ordinary life, just like every other teenager in her neighborhood. But then she finds out that she's engaged and the funny part about all of it is that she doesn't even know the man she's marrying. He's the mysterious son of a man her mother met years ago, a man her mother had NEVER encountered before and the two of them plotted a marriage between his wife and his son and her mothers daughter. But can Claire find herself out of this bind? Or is she going to be forced to live with this man for the rest of her life? A man she doesn't even know, a man she has no idea is the Alpha of a werewolf pack....

Read to find out!! :)


holbrook_a holbrook_a Mar 22, 2016
Ohh man!!!! I hate arranged marriages. Except with cute guys.
Edwardcullen01 Edwardcullen01 Apr 02, 2016
What??? Like financially?? Taken care how and how the heck did her mom just believe random strangers
lana369 lana369 Feb 09, 2016
I'd be packing then I'd be out the door long gone and moved on
Bow_Peasents Bow_Peasents Sep 21, 2016
dude I would of had a screaming match then go AWOL for many hours
ViriJavier ViriJavier Nov 27, 2016
Well he is her dad, not biological but he loved her, and took care of her, so the other "father" not dad it is just another sperm donor. Just saying
serenism serenism Dec 30, 2015
dude i would check out the dude first tho. i mean if he doesnt abuse me and hes hot and rich who cares if he cheats or watever rite? i would totally go for it.