Arranged Marriage to my Mate [Completed but Editing]

Arranged Marriage to my Mate [Completed but Editing]

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soccerluv4 By soccerluv4 Completed

Taylor Daniels. Average name, average face, average girl. What about her life? Well, that's a bit complicated. Finding out her werewolf heritage was not part of the seemingly normal life Taylor lived. She'd always been the strong but silent type, concentrating on getting good grades and pleasing her mother. But all that changes when she's merely picked up and dropped into the world of werewolves. She'll have to dust herself off and learn to live with the fact that her life was a lie. What's even more deranged is that her life is at risk. And who can possibly help her? Her so called "mate" Leo Knight. A forced marriage between the two is the only thing keeping her safe, but what happens when this little compromise turns into a whirlwind of attraction, hate, jealousy, and possible love? Can Taylor hold on to her only hope of sanity, or be whisked away in the world of werewolves, where her family, herself included, are a bunch of overgrown dogs? Taylor may seem shy on the outside, but dealing with a sarcastic, rude, arrogant mate has her standing up for herself and ultimately, facing her crazy consequences. Despite her situation, the confusing part is the possible attraction she has to Leo. And to think, it all started with two simple words..."I Do."

If you are fine with reading it as is, go ahead! But I am currently editing it to remove multiple grammatical errors, as well as improving the story line and filling in some missing gaps that I failed to address the first time writing this. The finished product will be up soon! If you still would like to read this book, go ahead but you have been warned!

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XDaddyXMattX XDaddyXMattX Dec 21, 2016
I was excited for this book only to find out it's only in third person pov
MorganMiller747 MorganMiller747 Apr 13, 2016
How's college going? I hope all is well. I'll read as you edit or reread. I enjoy seeing the fixes. I'm trying to motivate myself to write my own. Good luck.
romantique101 romantique101 Nov 02, 2016
Hey, an improvement I strongly encourage you introduce is increasing your paragraphing, you have pretty good paragraphing so far but it can still be improved, because it is still a little harder to read up top.
                              Otherwise, great story!!!!!
Edwardcullen01 Edwardcullen01 Apr 01, 2016
Watching tv and reading books is just as fun as going to the mall and watching movies
Kenni_D Kenni_D Oct 29, 2015
This is third persons.... You are just explaining what's only happening to Taylor. If it was first person it would use Me or I.
ericajuicebox ericajuicebox Aug 09, 2015
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