Omega Rejected Alpha Regret It | Wattys 2017

Omega Rejected Alpha Regret It | Wattys 2017

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Deamun By DeamunDemon Updated Dec 06

Omega rejected alpha regret it desc.:

(Excerpt from story)

Those heart breaking words leave her mouth, making tears flow down my cheeks freely. 

"I Alpha Kayla Hornwood reject you, Zane Clawsworth, as my mate and soon to be Alpha."

I nod my head before turning and walking out of the school. I head home, planning on packing my bags and getting away from there.

Life for Zane wasn't what you could exactly call a life. He was beaten and tortured everyday. The only small things he got were a dog bed on the floor, a blanket, and a few days of school a week.

When he gets rejected by his mate, he leaves his pack, but stays on the outskirts of the territory. He goes from caring and nice, to cold and guarded. He lives as a wolf most of the time. When he goes back to his mates school and bad things happen, will Kayla accept him?

(sorry, not so good as descriptions yet!)

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Nozrac Nozrac Jul 09
His wolf's comments lead me to believe that he's descended from a seriously bada$$ line. Can't wait to read the next chapter to find out. =D
Nozrac Nozrac Jul 09
His wolf leads me to believe that he's descended from some seriously badass line or something like that... can't wait to read the next chapter to find out XD
Nozrac Nozrac Jul 09
Damn, there's taking a beating and then what he did. You only have to break one bully before all of them leave you alone.
BlueRose__ BlueRose__ Sep 06, 2016
So what if you continue to shake your head, would it never hurt 😱😱😱
GamerGirl8198 GamerGirl8198 Dec 02, 2016
That pic tho. No offense, but wow... I think that would be considered an A-Class pedo
dathidewolf dathidewolf Jan 20
I have a bad temper it ain't easy to anger me... But if you do #1 you'll get a earfull #2 I will prob beat the shut out of you if you provoked me