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Cover Story (Slow Updates)

Cover Story (Slow Updates)

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Ms_Amaya By Ms_Amaya Updated Jul 07

Nine years ago, directly outside of the gates of Konohagakure, a young girl was found. She was estimated to be one year old. Her hair was blazing red and her eyes emerald green. No one would have ever guessed there was a baby outside of Konoha because she didn't cry, she didn't whine, and she didn't make a noise so you may ask how did they find the girl? Well that's easy... Gai tripped on her.


uhh i don't know if the hokage is ok. Anko and Ibiki raising a child??? yeahhhh i don't know about that... mostly Anko. She would literally just feed it dango all day probably.
*Sweatdrops* Uhhhh... how... un-youthful???
                              seriously? He tripped on her? Half of me is not surprised which is the sad thing! *Sweatdrops again*
Kindly kick them out...
                              My mind just goes to him literally kicking them out.. maybe with a sorry
2004dc11 2004dc11 Dec 23, 2016
Nice one gai
                              *flashes white teeth with a sparke* "i know right?"
Prism_Sky Prism_Sky Feb 03
before I go and read the story...
                              GAI YOU STUPID PIECE OF-
                              Please wait, we are currently having difficulties.
KumiUzumaki KumiUzumaki Jan 07
*hair starts to form nine tails and pulls out the big guns. The most youthful weopon ever. . . . . . . . The frying pan. 
                              Smacks gai over and over again right after I laugh at the fact he TRIPPED on a child*