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Monica Sanz By DistantDreamer Updated Oct 22, 2018

Years ago, the Trolls were banished into the Nether, a void of evil and darkness between the magical realms. With their greed and treachery locked away, peace has reigned throughout the worlds. But not for nineteen-year-old witch, Aramina. Being discovered to be a non-magic-a witch with waning powers- has cost her everything. A place among her people, her future as the next High Mistress of Magic, and the man she loves.

Determined to live a life without magic, Aramina's plan is foiled when Roane, a man of many secrets and tattoos thwarts her kidnapping. He introduces her to a world where non-magics are being hunted and sent into the Nether. She will never be safe unless she finds out why the Trolls need non-magics and who is smuggling them into the Nether.

To get her answer, Aramina will be forced to face an evil that's had a chance to grow, and to defeat it, she'll need a different kind of magic. The kind she'll only find within herself.

That is if she can finally face her demons, and if Roane's secret doesn't get her killed first.

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lyrica-lee lyrica-lee Mar 01, 2016
I am happy beyond all reason to see more work from you. Thank you again for being so damn amazing <3
29Stix 29Stix Feb 04, 2016
Holy crow. I'm so excited to read it and I haven't even gotten to the first chapter yet. Prepare for lots of comments!
featherlyblow featherlyblow Dec 24, 2015
Alice always make the best book covers :) can't wait to read this story
McCray-by-Nature McCray-by-Nature Nov 19, 2015
Oh, I am too excited for this! Prepared to be fangirled to death!!
amzolt amzolt Nov 12, 2015
Fascinating concept!
                              Non-magic in a Fantasy.........
                              Sure wish I could steal time away from writing my next book to read all of it :-(
AmyChengWrites AmyChengWrites Nov 11, 2015
Squeee! :) I think I might have seen teasers for this at some point, because I remember the names Aramina and Roane. So excited to read!