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BOSSY BOSS ( Completed) by NiranjanaNepol
BOSSY BOSS ( Completed)by Niranjana Nepolean
They are different money and status. His attention is only on money and status whereas she is full of life, having a VERY BIG POWER as her friend by her side...
Fear of Falling in Love (Completed)✔️ by NiranjanaNepol
Fear of Falling in Love ( Niranjana Nepolean
Usually, people loved to be loved. But, there are a few exceptions too. They fear to be loved... and feared to fall in love. There is nothing to wonder about it because...
Gut Instinct by NiranjanaNepol
Gut Instinctby Niranjana Nepolean
What if Arnav gets a chance to rectify all his mistakes? What if he gets a chance to avoid such situations? What if he gets to know Khushi is his would-be-wife?
OS : Tere Bina (Completed) by SriSsv
OS : Tere Bina (Completed)by Sri Ssv
"You disappointed me. This is not the Khushi I married... you changed a lot. I never expected that you will change like this. I miss my Khushi which is not you... y...
Arshi 5S : Mulakat (Meet) (Completed) by SriSsv
Arshi 5S : Mulakat (Meet) ( Sri Ssv
He is way too mature from his childhood, but still he is a child in his Grandmother's arms. One fine day, when he went to receive his Grandmother, he saw her... a beauti...