Princess of Asgard

Princess of Asgard

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Kenlee Faith💞 By Khbhmh Updated Jan 21, 2016

I raced down the long golden hallway as I looked over my shoulder to see only one older brother. Where was the other? Next thing I knew my face slammed into someone's chest and I looked up to see the other older brother. Found him. "Hand it over" he said holding out his hand for me to give him his helmet. His helmet was golden with horns on it. 
"Fine" I said handing him his helmet as two powerful arms lifted me off the floor.
"Now Alena what do you say to Loki?" the other one asked. 
"My apologies for stealing your helmet" I said as Loki only smiled at me, his green emerald eyes twinkling with mischief. 
"It's alright" Loki said as I was lowered to the floor. My two teenage brothers always picked on me but I returned the favor by stealing things from their rooms or playing tricks on them. My oldest brother Thor had bright blue eyes and long blonde hair that reached his shoulders. The second oldest, Loki was my personal favorite sense I looked up to him, he had dark raven hair and emerald green eyes that sparkled. 
"So what shall we be doing today?" asked Thor looking at Loki waiting for him to answer. 

I do not own any on these Marvel characters. I only own Alena.

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