Clexa. Why Are You Waving At Me?

Clexa. Why Are You Waving At Me?

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Chloe By chlobo1707 Updated Feb 28

Clexa Story:
Clarke is a very strong, caring, intelligent  and rich individual. Her family own a clinic and she is the perfect student and daughter. Her life is perfect... well maybe not perfect. One day when sat in her class and some random girl walks in, mystery surrounding her! And Clarke wants to find out what's under the mystery!

Lexa is a confident and strong individual with a witty personality. Well that is when she is with people that speak her language, Sign Language. She has grown up in an all deaf community and hardly ever uses oral speech but now she has to go to an all hearing school! When in class her eye catches someone but who knew she would get so close to them... even through her own struggles of not being able to communicate very well!

My first Clexa Fic;
Anything with *infront and after it means it is signed not spoken for example:
*But I don't want to*

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AlyciaJergi AlyciaJergi Apr 20, 2017
Same ^ bus comes at 6:20 and i have to be up earlier cause school stsrts at 7:13
damryn damryn May 18, 2017
School starts at 8:30 but you have to get there by 8:20 at Overton grange in UK
sthorn17 sthorn17 Apr 04, 2017
Wait is she actually deaf, or just her parents are and she's just used to signing instead of speaking all the time?
Okay for al the new people here and don’t get it.. how I think it is is that Lexa can hear but can’t talk. She has difficulty with forming her sentences so uses sign language to talk with people. I’m not sure if it is like this but where I am in the story I think that’s the case. Okay bye
wolfraser wolfraser Aug 05, 2017
😢😢my friend is deff, and I know she struggles to talk properly, but she's amazing and loving. She has been my best friend since grade 5 and I know sign language like the back of my hand😊😊 luv you jenny