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One of the 100th by LovingDemi
One of the 100thby Commander of Death
You happen to be Clarke Griffin's younger sister. You were hidden from everyone most of your life and it wasn't until another younger sibling was found that they thoroug...
The One Who's Fallen by The_Sarcastic_Dork
The One Who's Fallenby Beau Howard
After Abby realizes that Jaha may use his executive powers to float Clarke before her 18th birthday, she and Raven scrape together a pod and send Clarke down to earth a...
Legends meet The Ground by Leskru100
Legends meet The Groundby Leskru100
The Legends are thrown from the temporal zone and into another Earth in the Multiverse, Earth 100 where they meet Clarke and SkiKru and Commander Lexa along with The Coa...
The Skaiprisa by The100-Clexa16
The Skaiprisaby Clexa forever
This is a Clexa story! The 100 has just landed on the ground, excited and unknowning of the dangerous new world they entered. Lexa the Commander of the 12 clan is alread...
Adc/Alicia Clark/ Lexa/Frances Campbell smuts by digshit
Adc/Alicia Clark/ Lexa/Frances Digshit
All of these are probs gonna be g!p you so if your not into that then don't read it. Feel free to suggest things because it's always nice to have new ideas. just a whole...
Commander Lexa imagines  by pureboyjae
Commander Lexa imagines by pureboyjae
just a bunch of imagines/scenarios :) credits to the authors!
commander lexa one shots  by debnamalycia
commander lexa one shots by s.
tiny stories about commander Lexa!
anthropophobia by lostcauseamazing
anthropophobiaby Needhelpasap
anthropophobia: Fear of reaction (Lexa x OC)
Slow Burn ( Lexa x You )  by comegetheda
Slow Burn ( Lexa x You ) by Madz
After escaping Mount Weather with Clarke you soon come in contact with Lexa, Commander of the Grounders. At first she's nice, but soon it's a constant game of hot and co...
Arrow | Bellamy Blake | disc. by superstrmtrooper
Arrow | Bellamy Blake | superstrmtrooper
❝Arden you've changed. You killed someone innocent, you don't trust anyone but yourself, you run with the wolves and you're in love with the leader of the sky people. Wh...
Jealous Commander (Commander Lexa/You) by InsanityatBest
Jealous Commander (Commander InsanityatBest
Lexa gets jealous after seeing one of the 100 flirt with you
Visitation day by elizcsboobs
Visitation dayby pie🤙🏼
Clexa smut during the time that Clarke visits Lexa after she returns to Arkadia. Set after 307, but Lexa never died. Mostly smut. [ Might update more parts, but it'll be...
ASCENSION: BOOK 1. by the_13th_clan
ASCENSION: BOOK the_13th_clan
An alternative telling of The 100 story. Clarke Kom Skaikru is born of the Earth, a warrior who's ancestors once dwelt amongst the stars. Skaikru have lived on the gro...
Talking Baby ⭐Commander Lexa⭐ by InsanityatBest
Talking Baby ⭐Commander Lexa⭐by InsanityatBest
A significant moment of your pregnancy with Lexa.
the 100 imagines  by dascrazyy
the 100 imagines by dascrazyy
reader x characters request?
YOU WILL OBEY ME! by thesimpcentral
YOU WILL OBEY ME!by The Simp Central
Lexa x reader Y\n left camp with a few friends for a camping trip of sort. Y\n is taken by Lexa because Bellamy has Lincoln. But Y\n can have big mouth at times and L...
From A Child To A Warrior | Commander Lexa by The1005thharmonyTvdu
From A Child To A Warrior | Clexa
Rocky Griffin was raised on the ark, that was until she was two and had a little sister, Clarke. Her mom Abby and dad Jake had to make a difficult decision to send her t...
Love is not weakness (clexa) book 1 by Maywemeetagain100
Love is not weakness (clexa) book 1by maywemeetagain100
When Clarke gets told she must go to the ground all she can think about is survival nothing else, that is until she meets Lexa the commander of all 12 grounder clans. Wh...
In Another Time by SaddanCircle
In Another Timeby SaddanCircle
Clarke Griffin is a time traveler, but not by choice. When she was 15 a bright pink portal opened and she fell into it, and fell into a different time. And ever since, s...
The 100 Preferences & Imagines by bexsexual
The 100 Preferences & Imaginesby -`,love, jax,'-
This are strictly for the girls of the 100. If you'd like an imagine just message me or comment. I don't do personal imagines but if you've got any ideas please let me k...