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Changed. (Modern Day CLEXA AU)

Changed. (Modern Day CLEXA AU)

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Genna Hardin By GennaHardin Completed

Clarke Griffin is starting her freshman year in college. She is attending NYU for her Doctors degree. She is so excited to start her new life away from her home which all she can see is bad memories like her dad dying and her ex boyfriend cheating on her with her best friend. She just wants to forget and she feels college is the only way.

Lexa Woods is a sophomore at NYU. Lexa is studying to become a personal trainer. Lexa loves to fight and is the biggest badass is the whole school, everyone is scared of her. Lexa has lived a hard life, she is gay and when she came out to her family they kicked her out of their house, she resulted in living with her best friend Anya. Lexa Doesn't believe love after her ex Costia.  

Will Clarke and Lexa change each others perspective on love? Or will each other's company not be enough?

woahclexa woahclexa Feb 15
same, Clarke, same. I'm always late and my mam shouts at me every morning for it
woahclexa woahclexa Feb 15
season three....the thing that ruined my soul and FREAKING SHIP THANKS JASON
kunenept kunenept Feb 15
Season 3... so much pain... so...much...freaking.... paiiiinnnn.... MY LITTLE CLEXA HEART WAS DESTROYED THAT DAY... I WAS NEVER THE SAME PERSON AFTER THAT 😭😭😭😭😭😭
BloodOfTheOpressed BloodOfTheOpressed May 23, 2016
Therapist: Finn I think you need help with your addiction.. 
                              Finn: of..??
                              Therapist: well, it's called assholery, or douchebagery. 
                              The stuff that goes in my mind amazes me
AnimeWolfGirls AnimeWolfGirls Dec 09, 2016
Bitch go die on a stake in the middle of nowhere.
                              That's right I went there. I'm sorry if I hurt peoples feelings.
Heda___Lexa Heda___Lexa Oct 02, 2016
I know you would have seen it by now, but you wouldn't have been as excited if you knew beforehand... 😞 
                              I was so happy they got together and then, next scene... WHAM!