Falling for him | book One |Madara story|

Falling for him | book One |Madara story|

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FirstOfTheYear By Love_Divided_By_Hate Updated Jan 14

Fearful that her ill father will be forced to fight against the Senju clan, Maki Uchiha takes his spot.

Though, as a girl living undercover as a medical nurse, she cleverly mimics a man and runs off to train with lzuna and Madara, and also with a group of men.

Follow her while she uses her smarts to help her clan to defeat the Senju.

And also falls in love with a handsome, strong leader along the way.


What will happen if her identity is discovered?

How would Madara react?

Will he love her back?

Will Madara continue his hate towards the Senju or will he give in to be with Maki?!

Find out in the story what will happen.


LuluPunkRock LuluPunkRock Feb 04, 2016
Is mulan a story? Lol I don't know it. But this is good so far! I'm enjoying this a lot! If u like madara, check out my lemon mature one shot of 
                              Madara x Obito
Vicky3495 Vicky3495 Dec 19, 2016
I thought the same !!! HAHAHA What's up Mulan ?  Where is Muchi 😍
Moonlit787 Moonlit787 Jan 07, 2016
For some reason this story plot reminds me of mulan it would be really funny if it turns out like that