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Breaking Rules [HunterXHunter Fanfiction]

Breaking Rules [HunterXHunter Fanfiction]

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Sloth The Homunculus By imaHOMUNCULUS Updated Dec 22, 2016

Fear surrounds me.. 
Fear from people who judge me and my kind, fear to the truth, fear to what I could become, fear for my father, fear to the outside world and fear that I could never escape my horrible fate. 

I'm Yui Nakano!
 Born descendant of the witch clan, known and feared for our unique abilities of cursing our victims and making them suffer. You may ask why we do such thing? Don't worry it's nothing personal. We do it for money, let's say we kill for  living.  

But I'm not your average scary bitchy witch, I'm more like a dull, awkward, petite girl who always over thinking things. Well, that's the result if you got locked up in your house for twelve years.

But now, I'm on a mission that could change my perspectives in life forever. Who would've thought that making friends with your enemy, will be a piece of cake. Well, definitely not me. Being entangled with two adventurous boys is something I'd never plan to do with my life.

Or that's what I thought.

[ THIRD PLACE -Hunter x Hunter Watty Awards 2015 ]

Cover by: @Lylaskk

PorkJimin- PorkJimin- Mar 20, 2016
This probably kills the mood but I read it as face and bursted out laughing.  Am I the only one? ( probably )
Shipinglover101 Shipinglover101 Oct 05, 2016
Y'all better lay off my killua-kun /(0_0)/ |___|      *flips table*
aestaeticjimin aestaeticjimin Apr 18, 2016
I know too many 'Yui's that I can't pick from any of them anymore @-@
Rinnec Rinnec Mar 10, 2016
Wow its amazing how she is so strong and still afraid of killua makes her so cute
I wonder who her father is and why she doesn't consider him a human.
narutosramen narutosramen Jul 18, 2016
angel beats (just named one that hasn't been named already lol