Breaking Rules [HunterXHunter Fanfiction]

Breaking Rules [HunterXHunter Fanfiction]

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Sloth.D.Homunculus By imaHOMUNCULUS Updated Feb 28

Witches -special women gifted with god-like powers, unlike any known to man.

     They're all myths.

At least that's what most of us would've thought. Nowadays, if not a myth, told by grown-ups to scare little children, their story remains written in the pages of the history books as one of the few feared beings that once lived.  

But there are others who believed that witches are still out there; living among us. Blending in, as one of our neighbors, a friend, a lover or just a normal girl, seemingly like any other.    

Luna, seemingly like any other normal girl, lived all her life hiding behind a myth and stuck with her own fears. For the fulfillment of her father's wishes, Luna was obliged to go out on her way and pretend to be friends with her enemies. When she soon found out that her worst fear had manifested and took a form of a boy, whom she sworn to hate, she was left with no choice but devised a plan that she never once thought of doing.  

False pretenses became real. 

Enemies became friends.    

A girl driven with the thirst for revenge soon found herself questioning her true purpose.

Time will come and she must choose.

Family or the world. 

Power or friends. 

   [ THIRD PLACE -Hunter x Hunter Watty Awards 2015 ]

This edition of the book is revised. The former unedited version of this book is no longer available in Wattpad.

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authorsora authorsora Jul 12, 2017
Can't wait for your lovely and amazing incredible story... Ganbatte!!! がんばる!🙋🙋
darkestnightmare32 darkestnightmare32 Jul 15, 2017
Are you kidding me? -sulking in a corner- It sounded so good too!!
Shipinglover101 Shipinglover101 Oct 05, 2016
Y'all better lay off my killua-kun /(0_0)/ |___|      *flips table*
Rinnec Rinnec Mar 10, 2016
Wow its amazing how she is so strong and still afraid of killua makes her so cute