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Tell me - [Killua X Reader fanfic]

Tell me - [Killua X Reader fanfic]

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Killua Zoldyck, a world renowned assassin. He's also a hunter. Helping out his best friend Gon Freecs was his priority, until that voice in the back of his head kicked in. Why couldn't anyone else see it? You were so captivating. His heart wasn't supposed to beat so fast, according to Gon anyway. Thats why he could leave you so easily, because Gon said so. But sometimes your best friend in the whole world doesn't understand your feelings. He was pining for you to be at his side again. When his dream does come true, its in a way he could never imagine.
[Name] [Surname] has to be escorted halfway around the world just to get to safety. An anti-hunter group wants her dead, and its Killua's worst nightmare.

[Disclaimer : as much as I wish they did, the characters and world of Hunter X Hunter dont belong to me. However the plot and original characters do belong to me.]

crybabybrii crybabybrii Mar 18
Can we just take a moment and just say how beautiful killua is like oml
B-but.. ohayou! (Nostalgia every time) 
                              PfT. I ruined everyone's jam.
Well i'd be willing to over look this just this once if it was killua anybody else would have a knife in them by now
arupusu arupusu Mar 27, 2016
Can we just take a moment to appreciate to appreciate a character with the mind of me?
animecoolest animecoolest Oct 12, 2016
Lol when have your first kiss with someone you don't even know 
                              Killua : but you do know me 
                              Me : i know you but my character doesn't duh
Amandica07 Amandica07 Sep 15, 2016
I like how the title is the same as Killua's character song!