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Demona44 By Demona44 Updated Jan 19, 2016

Thalia, a popular girl in school was harassed after sending pictures to her boyfriend. She went through hell and decided to end her life, but little did she know that a vampire had fed on her releasing his venom in her system.

She woke up in her grave and made her out of it. Knowing what she become and what powers she now has, she is blinded by hate and wants revenge no matter what. Thalia goes back to high school, pretending to be Tatianna, Thalia's twin and she engages in a dark dangerous game. 

She meets Nathaniel, the vampire who created her and who is now trying to make her see the good in the chance she has to be alive and he wants her to forget about her revenge... Will that be possible? Or will she defy him as well?

loveispain13 loveispain13 Jan 17, 2014
Wow, that first chapter was really good. You really feel sorry for thalia and her problem. I swear i almost cried for her :)
Demona44 Demona44 Apr 10, 2013
@ilike2read2  thank you dear! Hope you like the next chapters as well:)
Demona44 Demona44 Mar 24, 2013
@wiolabutterfly ohhh now i get it! hahah its the name of the movie in English! okay hehe. yep that's the one. Glad you liked it! I remember crying over that movie and since its something that happens a lot i decided writing about it.
Demona44 Demona44 Mar 24, 2013
@wiolabutterfly I watched a movie in french 'Pour l'honneur de sa fille' it inspired me!If you keep reading you'll see it gets very different from the movie :)
Salerno546 Salerno546 Mar 22, 2013
This was a really good start also make sure you watch your spacing it was a bit weird at the start anyways good job
Demona44 Demona44 Mar 21, 2013
@SheldonCooperRules  hahah i didn't notice the spacing!  thank you i'll fix that soon. :) glad you liked it <3