Hetalia! One - Shots

Hetalia! One - Shots

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kendall silver By seevogel Updated Dec 06, 2016

!! - parts one through eleven are all varying levels of old. i may rewrite a few later on! (i swear it gets better the later the chapters are!!) 

As suggested by the title, this story is a series of such centering around the anime Axis Powers: Hetalia. Side effects of reading this may include but are not limited to: confusion, feelings of regret, depression, varicose veins, dizziness, nause
a, vomiting, headache, mild heart explosions, lycanthropy, cardiac arrest, forgetting your dog's name, lightheadedness copious amounts of feelings, and death. You have been warned.

!! - cross-posted on fanfiction.net! some chapters are there and not here because I thought they were really bad and am likely not going to spend time in fixing them lol

! - all art is either from cioccolatodorima (rosel-d) or himaruya-san. see if you can tell the difference! ✿

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