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Pirate! Denmark x Reader- Raging Storm by bellaamarino
Pirate! Denmark x Reader- Raging bellaamarino
The British town of Birkenwood was a thriving town. While males went on adventures in boats out to the sea to fish or trade, females were expected to cook, stitch fabric...
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American Symphony by Starkvenger
American Symphonyby ~Red~
America, the joyful, slightly dim nation was, in fact, a very gifted singer-- not that anyone knew that. That didn't mean they wouldn't find out. (A series of one-shots!)
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-= Lesbian Hetalia reader inserts =- by dead-limes
-= Lesbian Hetalia reader Gay bitch
Reader inserts. Hollar for a dollar. Now doing requests again.
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Hetalia One-Shots [NOT TAKING REQUESTS] by captainmuriica
Hetalia One-Shots [NOT TAKING captainmuriica
《《《N O MORE REQUESTS 》》》 Hetalia one-shots. Pretty self-explanatory. I apologize for all my mistakes as a young writer, and now as a matured writer, I apologize for lack...
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Blue With White Stars [✔️] by Carousel_Palace
Blue With White Stars [✔️]by Carousel Palace
After the Cold War, many countries have noticed that Russia is quiet, dark, and more to himself than before. Not only is he keeping his feelings to himself, but he is al...
  • romance-friendship
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Hetalia Oneshots (CountryxReader) REQUESTS CLOSED by YAY-pie
Hetalia Oneshots (CountryxReader) Kat
This is just your typical collection of Country X Reader oneshots. I hope all of you reading this will enjoy! I don't own Hetalia Hetalia © - Himaruya Hidekaz I don'...
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Hetalia Oneshots by Shazzlin
Hetalia Oneshotsby Llama Goddess
These are going to be stories I write which contain my otp/ot3/ot4 (Polyamory, yes I'm okay with that)
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Hetalia One-Shots by InfiniteDots
Hetalia One-Shotsby InfiniteDots
  • lemonfluff
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Hetalia x Reader Oneshots by APH-Loser
Hetalia x Reader Oneshotsby A dweeb in general
Herro! I have like, a jillion ideas in my head, so I thought, "why not make a hetalia x Reader thingy?" So I did! ^_^ Totally taking requests even though I hav...
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  • hetaliaxreader
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The Naga I Met In My Backyard (Naga England X Reader) by SupernaturalYoutubez
The Naga I Met In My Backyard ( SupernaturalYoutubez
Y/n was only six when she was told the legend of Nagas'. A few days later she sees a naga trapped in the woods. She bring her naga friend back to her house and introduce...
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The American Dream Next Door {USUK Fanfiction} by trash_master
The American Dream Next Door { B.A.Blackmore
Arthur Kirkland was a young boy from Painswick England. He had a nice life with nice friends. One day his parents decided to pack up and move to a small town in America...
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Hetalia One Shots by ChibiHoshi
Hetalia One Shotsby //no longer being used\\
This is a trashy book. I'm not an amazing writer, but I write. Don't expect lemons you dirty rugs you. I am a small child, chill. Pls. Anyways, this 'book' contains re...
  • americaxreader
  • aphcanada
  • readerxcountry
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Hetalia One-Shots (mostly America) by americarumpelwarrior
Hetalia One-Shots (mostly America)by Kitcat
Just a bunch of one-shots from Hetalia! Most of them are about America, but there will be some others. Note: There are NO lemons!!
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Hetalia One Shots by Ylissean
Hetalia One Shotsby Ylissean
REQUESTS ARE OPENED!!! just another hetalia one shots book.
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Hetalia Oneshots! (SLOW UPDATES) by iixStardust
Hetalia Oneshots! (SLOW UPDATES)by memes ♕
Ever wanted to date one of these cute countries? Well this is ya right story, mate! Highest Ranking (As of right now.): #7 in countryxreader.
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France x reader one shots by senpaismuggler
France x reader one shotsby Your Father
WARNING: some one shots may be depressing, sexual, etc. And give you deep feels............. Hope you enjoy anyways! :)
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Hetalia~Yugotalia One-Shots by GlaringKnightOwl
Hetalia~Yugotalia One-Shotsby *_-SnowSnowSnow-_*
This is my first book and it's filled mostly with one-shots! Thank you for reading! :3 I DO REQUESTS--but please be as detailed as you can when making one. It can be wha...
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Hetalia One Shots (Part 1) (Completed) by the-sexiest-potato
Hetalia One Shots (Part 1) ( Linux
  • aphitaly
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  • cuteness
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It's Going To Be Ok.. I Promise.. [AMERIPAN] by Susakihonda
It's Going To Be Ok.. I Susaki Honda
Kiku was walking home until he was raped.. How can Alfred make Kiku feel safe and happy again? How will he escape the hell that he was taken to? Why are people, Kiku kne...
  • ameripan
  • hetaliaoneshots
  • yaoifanfic
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Hetalia Oneshots by Rainbowlittleshit
Hetalia Oneshotsby MissOtaku
A bunch of Hetalia pairings (mostly with reader) and Ships
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  • hetaliaaxispowers
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