Naruto: Sakura Reborn{ON HOLD}

Naruto: Sakura Reborn{ON HOLD}

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《 мιѕнιиα ♡ 》 By Mishirou Updated Mar 26

Weak. Annoying. Useless. Fangirl.

Those are our opinions about Sakura in the first Naruto Series. What if she wasn't?

What if Ino wasn't there with her? What if she stayed nice and shy? 

Having to be able to feel pain at a young age, she now felt what the boys felt, and is able to relate to them.

This time, Sakura is going to be a big part of team 7, having to be blossomed early, and people wanting her. 

Would Sasuke leave the village this time? Or he would stay in Konoha, uncorrupted?

Read to find out.


Edit: On hold for now, due to my lack of inspiration! Sorry!

l hope this is a narusaku story because almost all stories like these are sasusaku
great story so far, but can someone tell me why the bullys who bullys Sakura is always named Ami? I read that in every Stron!sakura story.
I know right it's always the guys who look the best are the guys with the biggest egos and terrible personality
VintageCreations VintageCreations Dec 30, 2015
I've noticed how Otaku girls usually look at personality, life-story, then them hot anime guy looks to decide which fictional guy is better to their liking.
Topazmountain Topazmountain Dec 17, 2015
Reading this while listening to dango daikazoku and it's just 😭
Miss_Complicated18 Miss_Complicated18 Jul 15, 2015
Beautiful written chapter.
                              i enjoyed the way you captured emotions and also described other characters from her point of view.
                              Your vocabulary is good.
                              Just a few minor typing errors here and there. If you re-read the chapter you'll be able to correct them.
                              keep writing...:)