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Luna_Hime20 By Luna_Hime20 Updated May 29

What if everything was switched around? 
what if Naruto was never the kyuubi holder, and The Uchiha massacred never happened so Sasuke was never bitter and lonesome. 
what if Sakura was never a fangirl or never loved the Raven haired boy. 

What if in this switched world Sakura never had parents and was always alone because she was the kyuubi holder, she was the most hated not because she was weak, but because she had the nine-tailed fox inside of her. 

what if Naruto had a family to call his own, Minato and Kushina never died, and love was given to him in daily basis, what if he never experienced being lonely or having the nessessity to steal just to eat at least once a day or nothing at all. 

what if Sasuke didn't belong to a powerful clan but to a civilian family in which he was happy and never acted cold towards his family, that because of that love he never in his mind have thought about revenge or jealousy towards his brother, Itachi. 

What if Team 7 was switched around, not with people but with each other, experiencing something different that they never gone through. 

Disclaimer :I do not own Naruto or anything with each character we all know who owns them. 。^‿^。

and thank you for giving my FanFic a chance, btw this is a SasuSaku and NaruHina story


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