Everything has Changed

Everything has Changed

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Sakura was on the very same bench Sasuke has left her. Crying with such sorrowful tears that it quickly saddened her surroundings. She was crying for her teammate, the very teammate now considered as a S-rank criminal.

Sasuke Uchiha.

She hated the name to be mentioned by her friends even it was only to reminisce those fun times they had together.

"Why?" she cried. "Why did I have to be on love with someone like Sasuke-kun?" she complained bitterly.

"If only."

"If only I had one last chance."

"Another chance to restart my life."

"Even though, this would change my future, it's fin with me."

"I just needed a second chance."

Before she knew it, she was somewhere where no darkness existed, only light.

"Where am I?" she wondered.

"I will not tell you where you are," said a voice that felt like as soft as cotton and as elegant as ballet dancer dancing the most beautiful way.

"Why am I here for?" asked Sakura.

" You are here because of what you pleaded for," the voice said. "Your second chance."

"My second chance?"

"Yes, but you have to risk something." the voice said in a serous tone. " Your memory."

"My memory?" said Sakura worriedly. She greatly cherished her memories, especially the fun times she had with her friends.

" Yes, that will be the only sacrifice to get your second chance," replied the voice.

Sakura was determined to get a second chance. " Alright, I accept."

"Your second chance is granted."

Then, another blinding light  came to Sakura. Her recent memories were erased. Her second chance has become a reality .

Will she be truly be happen this time?

[[Disclaimer: The characters, some scenes, videos and pictures used are owned by their rightful owners. ^^]]

purpleluna purpleluna May 10, 2014
he smiled?? 0_o jk its ur story u can do whatever u want with it
someonebored someonebored Feb 08, 2013
@HasiVA thank you for the suggestion! I'll try to do so. I will also try to update soon. Thanks again! :)))
HasiVA HasiVA Feb 04, 2013
Okay, these paragraphs are better. Your writing seems a bit lethargic; try adding some liveliness into it! Use adjectives and dialogues a bit more! 
                              Anyway, it's a nice story!
HasiVA HasiVA Feb 04, 2013
I find this good! I'm a bit surprised that no one's voted yet, coz this isn't bad at all. It's a bit draggish; sticking to small paragraphs can help. Overall, it's really sweet!
someonebored someonebored Jan 25, 2013
If you have any suggestions or anything you want to happen in the story, please feel free to post it! 
                              Thank you!
someonebored someonebored Jan 25, 2013
Hi guys! I hope you enjoy it! But, sorry if I sometimes have wrong gramar! XD