I Dare You! / I Got You! {Completed}

I Dare You! / I Got You! {Completed}

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Savvy By TheRiverRunsDeep Completed

{DISCLAIMER: This story was written 5 years ago and is HIGHLY unedited} I was dared to lay on the hood of his car for five minutes in my bikini. It's not like he would walk out of the house and catch me laying there...No, never...So to take the dare or not too?...

They never truly knew what they were getting into when 4 innocent girls decided to play a risky game of Truth or Dare. Soon, they will find themselves in a game of: love, lies, and betrayal that will last till the end of the story ... or as they see it their lives.

A/N: I take no credit for the book cover- fans make me covers

    Leni2x Leni2x Apr 08
    Aye! At least I didnt destroy the fun mirrors at the carnivals
    Leni2x Leni2x Apr 08
    Well, Kay heard moaning and started to get turned on, she went into the room hoping it would be a unicorn masturbating but turns out it was her parents, so she screamed in fear and ran to China
    If my mom told me that my answer would be: okay but that does not mean you've got to tell the world. I though you were an alien!
    Never_Again_Love Never_Again_Love Jul 10, 2016
    Haha my friends would do tht too because I'm naturally hyper but since I don't like coffee its candy for me 
                                  Hence why they stay away from me everyday till after lunch 
                                  But they always seem to know when I don't have any sweets so they talk to me before lunch
    jarianaforlife jarianaforlife Sep 20, 2016
    My parents tell me stuff like that to and laugh when I get disgusted and walk away from telling them gross I don't need to know that
    awsiya awsiya Sep 09, 2016
    Ugh... Gag me.... (From legally blonde or mean girls.... I'm not really sure)