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Ebony Carrick By Ebc-17 Completed

I am editing this story in the hopes to look at publishing, please be patient with me while this is happening


"Why?" I asked my reflection softly before crying out louder, "WHY ME?" I screamed, not caring if anyone heard me, or thought I was dying. I was confused, I was lost and I was hurt.
I grabbed tuffs of grass and began pulling them out, screaming like a mad woman and cursing like a pirate.
I let out one more agonising scream before diving into the lake, wanting to stop the tears from falling and stop the pain. I held my breath, squeezing my eyes tight. Suddenly I felt two strong hands grabbing my around the waist and pulling me out of my watery coffin. 
Opal had the life that anyone would be jealous of. she had her amazing boyfriend of three years, Brad, her best friend Callie and was doing fantastic well in her classes, but what happens when Brad does the worst thing possible and breaks Opal's heart? Will the new boy in town Aaron Mitchell be able to save her from her state of confusion?

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SunsetLoverGirl21 SunsetLoverGirl21 Jun 06, 2017
I know a Aaron, I know a Mitchell.....Well, aren't things awkward.
Taintedmystery4life Taintedmystery4life Aug 15, 2017
Yup that's the reaction I got from by best friends when I was in opals position
giana32 giana32 Aug 30, 2016
Can some people give me examples whenever I hear sweet nothings in a book I think off someone softly whispering nothing nothing nothing
vickycarrick vickycarrick Jul 13, 2013
Keep going Ebs, a star in the making. Looking forward to the next chapter.  So very proud of you xx
Ebc-17 Ebc-17 Mar 05, 2013
@CrimsonNyx thank you :) sorry I took so long to reply! @madhattermusings you get a virtual hug!
madhattermusings madhattermusings Dec 11, 2012
I WAS YOUR 100TH VOTE!!!! Lol, I should get a prize. No, just kidding (not really)