The Island Girl (Harry Styles)

The Island Girl (Harry Styles)

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Stranded, scared, and broken.  She doesn't remember anything besides the tragic shipwreck she suffered years ago.  One Direction went through similar, a plane crash, and stranded on the same land.  They thought everything was over, and their lives have ended...or so they thought.  

Who knew there was a person already living on the island?  Who knew it was only an innocent girl who has been stranded for eleven years?  Who knew, that one of them was going to fall for the strange island girl?  

Well, no one did. ©

lmao ur right this story is unrealistic, no one visits Adelaide, they always skip us!
Hahahahaha that's funny. Good vibe, nice joke. Yeah, Trump gives you a great vibe.
The plane about to be like it flew into bermundy triangel and go "sike you thought"
ohNoitsAnA ohNoitsAnA May 20
*"Best wishes John Green" I heard my mum say as she shook her head
youshank youshank Jul 16
I read this when I was like 11 no joke I just remembered this book, here we go!
ohNoitsAnA ohNoitsAnA May 20
Ah America, the land of obese and Orange people. Great place guys!