Broken Together

Broken Together

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Hannah Nicole By NiallsJournal Completed

Sometimes our lives change when we least expect them to. We meet our best friends in when we're unprepared to make friends. Our lives change so drastically we're not sure If we want to look back! 

I for one know exactly how that feels. Because my far from great life became great in a matter of months. 

Now I, Niall Horan, have the family and friends I never thought I could have. Because of one horribly wonderful place. London's Teen Rehabilitation Center is where my life began


Niall is just a 17 year old kid who's life has been far from great. 

Suffering from mental issues due to his absent abusive parents, post traumatic stress disorder, depression, emotional trauma, and so much more Niall has turned into a bitter, sad, angry teen who needs help desperately but doesn't realize it himself.

Forced into a "teen rehabilitation center" Niall slowly starts to pick up the shattered pieces of his life and put them back together but not without a few bumps in the road. Scratch that. A LOT of bumps 

»Trigger Warning«
•talk of rape, child abuse, self harm,suicide•

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allthetragicthings allthetragicthings Mar 21, 2016
Honestly you planned this so well though this is so well written
- - Nov 14, 2015
This story is so nice and and I just read the first chapter XD
Directioner_Ot4 Directioner_Ot4 Sep 25, 2015
Okay, this gave me a fangirl attack. Dont blame me for that. Lol
Directioner_Ot4 Directioner_Ot4 Sep 25, 2015
Um   I thought Niall's was on Sept. 13 (just saying) did you purposely change it or nah? ^_^
Directioner_Ot4 Directioner_Ot4 Sep 25, 2015
This is usually me. I prefer to be alone when i'm having problems, it makes me think things through much easier. Btw nice chapter. :D the way you describe everything is quite entertaining tbh :)