I'm The Alpha

I'm The Alpha

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"I don't want you to mark me" I said quickly.

"Why?" he asked me, his tone seemed calm but i knew he was far from it.

"I have a commitment towards my pack" I told him, hoping he'll understand but to my astonishment his eyes were dark now and he held his palms in a tight fist.

"You are my mate Templar, you belong to my pack" he said in a condescending tone. My blood boiled at the tone he was using with me. Nobody talks to me like that. Nobody.

"Do not use that tone with me, Everett. You are not my Alpha, I respond to-" none, i was about to say, but had to bite my tongue to change that.

I was not ready to tell him that I'm the sole White Shifter, not ready to tell him I'm The Alpha of my pack. So i lied, again.

kitkat228 kitkat228 4 days ago
Second time reading this book the first was way back in 2014 or in the beginning of 2015. Though before the second book was being published.
lil_guera lil_guera Feb 06
Thank cheesus cuz those rejection stories get me in my feels way too much
snowfox2022 snowfox2022 Jan 29
Whats with the month names? Do they have a brother named August? Or a mother named April?
OHHH they punished her....'CINDERELLA STYLE'...now that's messed up
KULAF286 KULAF286 6 days ago
You can't be a rouge if you're not a good werewolf *insert meme here*
Amz0978 Amz0978 Jan 29
Great start to the story but shouldn't this be "couldn't agree more"?