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The Alpha's Kitten

The Alpha's Kitten

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"I said look at me," he growled as he grabbed my arm from the Gamma in a vice grip. I winced and finally looked up to his stunning grey eyes. 

'Mate!' my wolf yipped happily, although she was very weak she got to sound very excited, but I didn't. I didn't want a mate, one that I am putting in danger. Those people said they would find me no matter where I ran to, I couldn't put my mate or his pack in danger. My wolf whimpered knowing it was the truth. 

"Kitten," my mate purred, before he growled, "mine!" softly as he let go of my arm and lightly touched my cheek, now I felt the sparks firing on my skin. 'Kitten? Was this guy for real?! Did it look like I had whiskers and meowed?' I mentally scolded at him.

you go girl I feel that your going wear the pants in the relationship ;-p
Hahah its only the beginning and im already in love with this charcter XD
sesameseed01 sesameseed01 Jul 06, 2016
why do all werewolves call there mates kittens if there big dogs?
Is it just me or if I was in that situation kid be like 20 dollars for the person that gets her to talk xD
AutumnFurrow AutumnFurrow Jun 26, 2016
I think I missed something is she a mute or can she talk later sorry if I missed something?