~The Alpha's Mate~

~The Alpha's Mate~

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"I'm not good enough for you." I say to him. He looks at me and wipes the tears from my cheeks.

"You're more than enough for me." I start to shake my head but he holds my face to make me look at him.

"Listen to me, I may not know you but I can already tell that you're gonna be the death of me. You're so beautiful, sexy and gorgeous. I need you. We need you." I know he's talking about him and his wolf. But I don't know. 

Should I stay with him? Or help him out and reject him?

For Karisma life was rather torture or boring. Nothing particularly exciting or interesting happened to her. Except that she gets bullied everyday because of her appearance. She is the alphas beautiful daughter. But when she finds out that her mate is the guy that every girl wants, she thinks about rejecting him. 

For Damian, he is excited to meet his mate. He is the sexy, popular, bad ass guy in school. What happens when he finds out that his mate doesn't want him ?

Karisma's life just got more interesting.

elleny0k0 elleny0k0 Jul 07
Daqueen93 Daqueen93 May 01
You don't get abused and beat all the time and then sudden stand up to people it doesn't work that way
ACN028 ACN028 Oct 25
I feel really sad for people who get bullied. I thought it was only stuff you see in movies. In my high-school everyone was really nice especially the football players. I didn't know how serious it was until my best friend who went to another school closer to the city was bullied
iris54321 iris54321 May 18
Girl hell nooooooooo, don't believe what does mother f  are saying, you're a beautiful, strong girl, don't let your self dawn,
- - Oct 07, 2015
Dylan is also a girls name, so of course it is not gonna be "manly"