Fairy Tail Vacation!!!

Fairy Tail Vacation!!!

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Just read the fanfic. I'm sorry I just can't give a good description for this anymore, it's going to be changing so much...in a good way *inserts lenny face* lol I'm sure everyone will love it ^°^. 

Cover made by @Cotton_tail 
I take no credit for it. She's very kind so please follow her too! :)

Disclaimer I do NOT own Fairy Tail Hiro Mashima does I only own this plot.

Fairytail-online101 Fairytail-online101 Dec 12, 2016
🦄🦄 yaaaaayyyy I love this.....LUCCCYYY KIIIICCCKKK!!!!! *smashed natsu face on Wall* 😱😱😱
You can call me unicorn but my full name is potato raine unicorn but you can call me unicorn for short
mo-ch-i mo-ch-i Aug 18, 2015
Lol I just thought of Miranda Sings song "where's my bae at" rotfl
astro-aphelion astro-aphelion Jul 20, 2015
m-my whole life has been a l-lie!? HOW DARE YOUU! I WILL NEVA BE A UNICORNN! I AM A PANCAKEEEEE! *cries in corner*
armyget-it armyget-it Apr 22, 2015
Hey! your friend suggested that I read this and I was so glad I did! it's  fantastic! thumbs up!
_Kushina_Uzumaki _Kushina_Uzumaki Apr 21, 2015
HEHEHE! Its good! Great! My idea's you should have all the girls in one beach house in the other! That would be cool! But you would probably have to split it to 2 groups of girls and 2 groups of boys. (This is if there vacation is at the beach BTW)! Just ideas!!(: