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Harri Donavon (Damon Salvatore fic)

Harri Donavon (Damon Salvatore fic)

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Charløtte By charlottereaddd Completed

Hi, I'm Harri Donavon, Matt's sister and Vicki's twin. Well, not identical twin. I mean I was the youngest out of the family but looked a lot like my sister that people assume we're twins.
I was the complete opposite of my sister was, more like my brother if that makes sense.

I've lived in Mystic Falls all my life and have never had a problem with anyone.

Well, that is until the Salvatore's came to town along with the Original vampires.

Life seemed so boring and effortless.

Not anymore...

SaintSalvatore SaintSalvatore Dec 04, 2016
🎤There's something about you baby! You're still with me in my dreams.. and tonight it's only you and meeeeeeee 🎤
lilflo6 lilflo6 Aug 05, 2016
If I ran into Damon salvatore I'd probably act the  same way Jesus wow
MirandaJayneMoore MirandaJayneMoore May 26, 2016
Um if she is Vicki's twin shouldn't she be older then Matt...? 😁