Sister Dearest (Vampire Diaries)

Sister Dearest (Vampire Diaries)

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'"Okay..." I trailed off awkwardly, shoving my hands in my pockets. He groaned in frustration and I shot him a look. "What are you uhhh-ing about?" I demanded. His eyes landed on me, studying for only second before he crashed his lips to mine. At first I was shocked and tried to push him away. But then I melted and I moulded into him. He was perfection.'  

Brooklyn Salvatore; crazy vampire chick. The long lost sister of Damon and Stefan Salvatore. They both believed she was dead, but guess what? SHE'S BACK. And no thanks to the wonderful Katherine Pierce. When she comes back to Mystic Falls, she finds out that her brothers are seeking refuge here. Look out Salvatore brothers.  Brooklyn's back.

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The minute Stefan said 'Peter Pan', all I could think of was Robbie Kay and OUAT
stupid, rude, stubborn, horrid... you could call her until season 3? I think it was until she made a choice I was hoping for since seaosn 1
I cant breath! This is officaly the best line I have heared out of a book!!!!
AmberL_123 AmberL_123 Mar 27
I love her lmao. When my twin came back from this residential trip, We both yelled at the same time "Twin brother/sister!"
Because, you know, they like to just randomly destroy rooms in the house while you're gone.
That makes no since bc the house from the 1800's is in pieces....