Ninjago Boyfriend Scenarios [HIATUS]

Ninjago Boyfriend Scenarios [HIATUS]

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Joy By LegoNinjagoFanatic Updated Oct 12, 2016


You are walking home from school with your B/F/N (Best Friend's Name). You and her keep talking and laughing about how prom was coming up.

"I think I might just go with you." you say with a laugh. "Not much guys are interested in me."

"Me too. Most of them already have girlfriends." B/F/N says.

Right after she finished talking both of you were dragged into an alleyway. You noticed your persuers. They were Y/E/N(Your Enemy's Name) and her stupid posse.

"Look at what we have here. The two loners." Y/E/N says with a chuckle.

"Leave us alone. Your the one who has no life besides picking on people." B/F/N says looking at Y/E/N in the eye.

Y/E/N looked at her and said,"Make me."

That was when Y/E/N punched her in the eye. She stumbled but didn't fall. Y/E/N was about to punch her again. You quickly jumped on her back and tugged on her hair. Hard.

"Get her off of me!" she yelled.

You felt hands digging into your flesh. You screamed as you were dragged away from her. There was ...

Sassy_and_Hangry Sassy_and_Hangry Oct 07, 2017
My fear when I go in a ferris wheel or in a fairground attraction that is really high
I want to know how they had time to write the notes.........
BestShipperGirl BestShipperGirl Sep 02, 2017
Me I wouldn't even clean the wounds I would put a Band-Aid to help the bleeding and go to sleep
-AstrologicalArgent- -AstrologicalArgent- Sep 23, 2017
Christina you will forever remain in our hearts. R.I.P ❤️
Dbee717 Dbee717 Sep 10, 2017
ALL OF THESE FANFICS MAKE ZANE LOSE HIS INNOCENCE, XD. Why.... I keep cracking up. I'll stop my ranting now...
Voltagefan-ficwriter Voltagefan-ficwriter Aug 02, 2017
I'm obsessed with that version! God Bless Christina Grimmie! She will forever remain in our hearts! ❤️