200 Years Without The Cullens

200 Years Without The Cullens

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What if Bella never jumped off her cliff? What if Edward never saw her die? What if he never came back? 

My heart pounded, Laurent would kill me. I would become one of them. I spun around at the sound of a low growl, my eyes were greeted by five wolves, great big wolves. I turned back at the sound of a high pitched cackle, Victoria. 

"Never fear, you will be one of us. I must avenge my mate," she cackled.

"You're wrong," I gasped, "Edward left. He's gone."

"A perfectly awful lie! But lord do you smell good," she breathed. 

My life didn't exactly swim before my eyes, just HIM. Every moment I had spent with HIM. A sixth sense told me that Victoria was behind me. I heard Laurent scream. Maybe the wolves had got him. I twisted on the floor. Yes, he lay mangled and broken. Victoria growled, a low, throaty growl and I felt her teeth sink into my neck. 

"Edward..." I breathed.


Hi, my name is Bella Swan. This is my story.

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Bella's face is like 'Dude your breath smells like dried up blood, Gross!'
*looks at picture* That look you make when the person close to you breath stinks and you don't know how to tell them
Boy put your hands on her again and I swear I'll whoop your a**
Catlove1234 Catlove1234 Aug 11, 2015
I know it's just a book and this is my first time reading it but LERAUNT GET YOUR FILTHY LEACH HANDS OFF MY GIRL BELLA K? Thanks
closed_vm closed_vm Jul 20, 2013
@Raccoonbaby6464 Yes, I am. Lol! I'll have a look in a moment.
                              Lucy xX
CassandraLowery CassandraLowery Feb 02, 2013
Interesting twist on the usual Twilight story--I'll definitely keep reading!! :D