200 Years Without The Cullens

200 Years Without The Cullens

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vulturemonem By vulturemonem Completed

What if Bella never jumped off her cliff? What if Edward never saw her die? What if he never came back? 

My heart pounded, Laurent would kill me. I would become one of them. I spun around at the sound of a low growl, my eyes were greeted by five wolves, great big wolves. I turned back at the sound of a high pitched cackle, Victoria. 

"Never fear, you will be one of us. I must avenge my mate," she cackled.

"You're wrong," I gasped, "Edward left. He's gone."

"A perfectly awful lie! But lord do you smell good," she breathed. 

My life didn't exactly swim before my eyes, just HIM. Every moment I had spent with HIM. A sixth sense told me that Victoria was behind me. I heard Laurent scream. Maybe the wolves had got him. I twisted on the floor. Yes, he lay mangled and broken. Victoria growled, a low, throaty growl and I felt her teeth sink into my neck. 

"Edward..." I breathed.


Hi, my name is Bella Swan. This is my story.

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astryx_the_ninja astryx_the_ninja May 21, 2017
Bella's face is like 'Dude your breath smells like dried up blood, Gross!'
QueenzBianca QueenzBianca Apr 05, 2017
*looks at picture* That look you make when the person close to you breath stinks and you don't know how to tell them
fanfictionandbooks fanfictionandbooks Sep 09, 2017
Boy put your hands on her again and I swear I'll whoop your a**
Catlove1234 Catlove1234 Aug 11, 2015
I know it's just a book and this is my first time reading it but LERAUNT GET YOUR FILTHY LEACH HANDS OFF MY GIRL BELLA K? Thanks
vulturemonem vulturemonem Jul 20, 2013
@Raccoonbaby6464 Yes, I am. Lol! I'll have a look in a moment.
                              Lucy xX
CassandraLowery CassandraLowery Feb 02, 2013
Interesting twist on the usual Twilight story--I'll definitely keep reading!! :D