Forbidden Percabeth

Forbidden Percabeth

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Annabeth Chase has had a decent life-until she met Percy Jackson. The irritating yet handsome demigod grabs her heart from the start. But Annabeth's mother, Athena, doesn't take to that kindly. However, this little feud is one of many, and small compared to what is happening in Greece.

Someone is threatening to overthrow Olympus, and the threat is escalating quickly. Can Annabeth and Percy, with the help of Percy's group called the Questers, be able to find and end this threat? Troubles, obstacles, and love rise up with this journey, and danger is their constant companion on the way. But they are stubborn and determined and won't give up.

But they're going to have to fight their way to the end, and it won't be easy. Will Annabeth and Percy be able to stay with each other and safe? Or will their world fall apart? The two demigods start a new chapter in their lives together, and they hope to see the end of the story with the other still at their side.


(Slow editing, sorry for the suckiness-this was my first story, so bear with me, folks)

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Why uncle why? He was studying FISH. For gods sake it was FISH.
Athena falls in love. Thegods say, this is annoying me, Boom. He dead. Wtf im dead lol
SaraKaey SaraKaey Apr 24
You are so welcome. This is the most well written story I've read so far. You would make a great author, and I can assure you I'd be first in line for all your books:)
Bailonix Bailonix Jul 05
What if they walked out of their house to hail and raining olives... I'd like that.
Boi, this is my 177 time reading this, freaking make a book 2!!!
RahCol RahCol Sep 12, 2016
It's well written, and I really like your idea for athena-poseidon rivalry/hate