Mortals, Demigods, and gods meeting percabeth [completed]

Mortals, Demigods, and gods meeting percabeth [completed]

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Hey, it's Percy again. 
I know what you're thinking: 'not another prophecy!' but luckily for you, this isn't about another quest.

It's about mortals, demigods and sometimes gods meeting me and Annabeth.

You may say that it will all go well, that we'll get along and eventually become friends, but that isn't the case.

Spoiler Alert: some want to date me, others want to use Annabeth. There's only few who are our friends.

But I'll warn you now: Some of these aren't pretty, and most end up having Annabeth having to beat the Hades out of boys who flirt with her.

My name is Percy Jackson, and this is how mortals came into my life.


Message: THESE HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH EACH OTHER. They are just little scenarios that are not connected, they are separate universes. Got it? (Unless there's a reference)

DISCLAIMER: I do not own PJO/HOO, and some of these one-shots were written before BOO was released.


rosemarymac rosemarymac Nov 25
*Smirks* sorry little to late hun (read this as you think Drew of the Aphrodite cabin would talk)
What does wearing skirts have to do with being fake? 
                              I don't like to wear skirts, but I like to wear dresses make me feel pretty..
Pippypap Pippypap Sep 12
When I read that I had water next to me so I calmly started chugging it and then read the paragraph again and choked on my water
I think you mean anyone who wears waaaaay too much of it daily and is a bîtch is a biitch
She's amazhang. Also, her best friend is her brother's wife. Very confusing.