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Rebels At Their Finest (Block B)

Rebels At Their Finest (Block B)

15.2K Reads 990 Votes 49 Part Story
Shadow P. & Midnight C. By OurCadenza Updated Jul 14, 2016

It always starts the same. Two girls, a group of boys, prospective love. 

But this time's different. This time is... complicated. 

Kyu Ree has a terribly mysterious past, one she won't share with anyone, not even her closest friend. But everything is closing in one her, it seems everyone has turned against her, taken her back down the road she'd left far, far behind, and she isn't sure she can handle it alone anymore. 

River lost it one night, and gets the feeling she'll be regretting it for as long as those involved stick around. And now it seems that the problem is threatening her career.

  • b-bomb
  • blockb
  • jaehyo
  • kyung
  • taeil
  • u-kwon
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