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Riverside Academy (Lesbian Story)

Riverside Academy (Lesbian Story)

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9forgotten By 9forgotten Completed

Spencer is a popular, well known trouble maker around all the public schools in her district. So when she finally gets kicked out of another school, that’s the last straw for her parents and they send her off to a private coed school in a different country in hopes that this place will whip their troublesome daughter into shape. Spencer on the other hand doesn't plan on changing her rambunctious annoying ways until she mets a particular shy and quiet girl.

Unlike Spencer, Johanna aka Joey, is a quiet girl and doesn't talk much outside her group of friends or when she has to. Only being able to attend the school through her last living relative, she works hard in hopes to show them that sending her here wasn’t a waste. Not many people cross her path or ever want to, they don't dare get involved with the girl who will flip you in an instant if you touch her. Except Spencer.

Both girls have quite a past, ones that have made them into who they are today. All kinds of secrets linger in the minds of the two girls, holding one down and causing the other to fly wild. When these two clash, everything they know about their worlds goes flying and a special bond is formed. But nothing is ever as simple as that, watch and see what happens when these two very different but slightly similar girls collide.

wolfram20 wolfram20 Mar 19
OwO if this character was real we'd probably be the best of friends
I agree. Except i dont mind how the girls stuff smells like. The guys stuff smells all the same.
Wolfdragon25047 Wolfdragon25047 Aug 09, 2016
And calling principal by his first name all it takes to get kicked out is some fughts
PeterPan2416 PeterPan2416 Nov 24, 2016
Man it's been like around a year since I read this book. Its still my favorite of all time. I miss this story so much. You're an amazing author!
AndromedaLee AndromedaLee Sep 15, 2016
Heading home on a skateboard is kinda overkill, don't you think?
Immininity Immininity Apr 07, 2015
I don't understand why you don't have more reads and followers- you're a really good author